The Samsung SPH-m620 Upstages the iPhone!

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In terms of price, that is. Meet the Samsung Upstage (Sprint). Then again with similar features and the ability to add a 2GB memory card - this might even be a better deal than the iPhone ($500). If you hurry now (promotion ends tomorrow 07/03!) you can get one for FREE (with a 2yr contract) plus a $50 rebate from Sprint while supplies last.

Samsung UpstageThe Samsung Upstage is an ultra-thin, lightweight (2.6oz) phone, about the size of an ipod nano (1.73in w x 4.07in l x 0.37in thick). It's a single unit with 2 screens, one side for phone features the other side has a larger screen for entertainment. Add a 2 GB memory card to store hundreds of songs you can download straight to the phone.

There's Bluetooth, EV-DO, a 1.3-megapixel camera & music integration all in a very sexy and slim package. Watch more than 50 live TV channels with Sprint TV or stream music with Sirius or MTV. You can also download music wirelessly from Sprint at $.99 per song.

 The Upstage has pretty much the same capabilities as the iPhone, but costs hundreds cheaper. The phone doesn't really have a dedicated front side or back side. The music side of the phone has a touch-sensitive control pad that lets you access the phone's functions, including its 1.3 megapixel camera and the music player.

You scroll through menus by sweeping your finger up and down or side to side over the control pad. Other commands are executed by tapping the corners, and there is also a play/pause button in the middle that serves as an "enter" key. 

Get it here.

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