The Clover Club Cocktail Recipe – Blog Love – Mixology Mondays XVII

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mxmo xviiDo you sometimes dream about cocktails in your sleep? I did last night ....

Mixology Mondays: Hello and thanks for taking part in Mixology Mondays. The theme this month is "Blog Love" and this is dedicated to all the other cocktail blogs out there in the mixosphere. Today we're going to talk about any drink of your choice, where you heard about it and why you started this blog. So without further ado ....

A Grandiose Blog: Hey you're not Jessica Alba! Anyway thanks for the opportunity to become a part of a really great event. Your timing couldn't have been better.

Mixology Mondays: How's that?

A Grandiose Blog: Well I've been itching to make the Clover Club (gin, lemon juice, grenadine, egg white) for some time now ever since I read about it at the Cocktail Chronicles blog.

Mixology Mondays: Really?

A Grandiose Blog: Yes. For one, I was intrigued by the fact that the recipe calls for raw egg whites as one of the ingredients. What the heck are raw egg whites doing in cocktails? Eggs should be scrambled hard in a skillet, not in a martini glass - but the gin and lemon juice in the cocktail recipe made it seem like it was off to a good start.

Mixology Mondays: Well the Clover Club is a long forgotten classic ...

A Grandiose Blog: True, it was really popular during the pre-Prohibition era. However it's been quite forgotten, mainly due to the fact that it uses raw egg whites. It's also labor intensive. Anyway I headed off to a bar with the recipe from the Cocktail Chronicles and asked the bartender there to make me one. Boy was that a disaster ...

Mixology Mondays: What happened?

A Grandiose Blog: Well first off, the bartender had a real funky attitude. I mean I wrote the article on The Top 10 things customers do to annoy Bartenders so I wasn't sure what his problem was. Anyway, I hand him the recipe and I could see right off the bat he wasn't following my instructions.

Mixology Mondays: How?

A Grandiose Blog: Well, for one he didn't pour the right amount of grenadine in the cocktail. He added a dash and the recipe calls for a 1/2 oz. More importantly, he didn't shake the drink hard and long enough. Bad clover club cocktail

Mixology Mondays: How long was he supposed to have?

A Grandiose Blog: At least a minute. That's to allow egg whites to smooth the combination of the other ingredients and provide a nice foamy head. I asked him if he knew what the egg white in the cocktail was for. Well this must have really offended him because he proceeded to lecture me on how he's been bartending for 20 years, blah blah blah - then he finally says the egg white is to add a foamy head. So I'm looking at the drink he handed me and thinking, ok where's the foamy head? But I decided against arguing with the bartender so I just thanked him and drank the concoction with my best game face.

Mixology Mondays: Interesting. How was the cocktail?

A Grandiose Blog: Horrible. The smell of the raw egg whites was overpowering and somewhat nauseating. Anyway I left a nice tip and left. I decided to give it another shot at home - this cocktail has to be better than that.

Mixology Mondays: How did your version go?

A Grandiose Blog: Very well. I did more research on the drink and found that the proper way to make it is to combine the raw egg white, lemon juice and raspberry syrup and shake the mixture hard for at least 30 seconds. Then you add 1 oz of gin and shake for another 15 secs - then the rest of the gin with another 15 min shake. All in all it takes about 1 minute total to allow the eggs to really combine with all the other ingredients and produce that foamy head.

Mixology Mondays: And the taste?

A Grandiose Blog: It tasted great! I couldn't detect the egg whites at all. I'm certain that anyone who didn't know the cocktail recipe wouldn't know that egg whites were used at all. Ours came out with a really rich ruby red color which you can see much better in the first picture taken outside in the daylight.

Mixology Mondays: Okay. So why did you start this blog?

A Grandiose Blog: For a couple of reasons. First to educate myself and others about cocktails and mixed drinks. I think a lot of people are intimidated when they walk into a bar - they know they want to try something new or different but always end up falling back in their comfort zones and order the same drink they've had forever. What is a really good cocktail? Why is it a good cocktail? To master this, one has to study the classics. So in sense this blog is for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge of cocktails.

Secondly, yes there ARE a lot of cocktail blogs out there - but I think this blog brings something different to the mixosphere in that we try to diversify our content a little bit. In a sense, just speaking about cocktails could become somewhat monotonous. That's why we cover activities that center around drinking, such as Casino Gaming, Cigars, Tech Reviews (that last one might be a stretch - I wouldn't necessarily advise drinking before heading out to Best Buy) etc. However this blog will primarily remain a cocktail related blog.

And lastly, it's something I really enjoy. I mean I just had an egg in my drink. How cool is that?

Then I woke up and hit the submit button.

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Great post on a great classic! I enjoyed the post and will make this a frequent stop in my mixosphere travels. I look forward to what you have coming up next.

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I mix a version of the Clover Club I call the Crimson Clover Club. I substituted herbal vodka for gin and raspberry liquore for grenadine. Give that one a shot.
I be be serving this at The Cocktail Hour at Tales of the Cocktail.
Keep on Shakin’

Nice to visit this blog and knowing about the classic.

Cool site, love the info.

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