Cocktail Basics – Building a home bar – part 2 of 3 – Glassware

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Buy the best quality you can afford, and always wash glassware by hand to prevent chips and cloudy build-ups. Stick to the sizes shown so that your drinks look right in the appropriate glassware. Bottoms up!

1. Martini glass: 4 - 6 oz

2. Old fashioned / rock glass: 8 - 10 oz


3. Collins glass: 10 - 12 oz

4. Champagne flutes: 5 - 8 oz

5. Wine glass: 10 - 14 oz

6. Shot glass: 1 0z

7. Cordial glass: 2 oz

8. Brandy snifters: 9 - 12 oz

9. Margarita glass: 9 - 11 oz

Subtract and add at your leisure. At the very least you'll need martini glasses, old-fashioned glasses and Collins glasses for a basic bar setup.

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