5 Classic Cocktails you should be drinking now – Tom Collins – 3 of 5

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So far you've had the Sidecar and the Between the Sheets. Now I'd like to introduce you to Tom Collins. if you haven't met already. Not to be confused with his cousins John, Joe, Mike, Jack, Sandy, Pedro or Pierre (you'll meet the rest of the Collins' family in due time).

Tom Collins is called so because this cocktail was traditionally made with Old Tom Gin, a sweetened London dry gin rarely seen on the market today.

Think of a Tom Collins as supercharged lemonade - perfect for a hot summer day. This is traditionally a "tall drink", because it is usuallyTom Collins cocktail
served in a tall glass (a Collins glass) that can
hold anywhere from 12 - 16 oz.

Here's how to make a superior one.

Fill a Collins glass with ice all the way to the
top. Add:

2 oz Gin (Bombay Sapphire)

1 oz fresh lemon juice (no substitutes)

1/4 oz simple syrup

dash of bitters (Angostura)

Fill with Club Soda. Optional lemon garnish. Stir with a straw. Kick back and ponder.

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