Erdnase Expert at the Card Table

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Expert at the card tableSomeone once said - "In poker, anything you can get away with is fair.”

Published in 1902, The Expert at the Card Table was penned by S. W. Erdnase (that's E.S. Andrews backwards) - a book about how to be an "advantage player", in other words learning how to eliminate the element of chance by manipulating playing cards. The book shows you how to false shuffle, false cut, deal from the bottom of the deck etc. This book proved popular with a lot of card magicians because of it's emphasis on naturalness, making it almost impossible to tell when cards are actually being manipulated.

This book was so good, that even the great Houdini was fooled. The Expert at the Card table remains today the single greatest book on card manipulation, no mean feat for a book originally published in 1902.

"The player who believes he cannot be deceived is in great danger.” - S. W. Erdnase

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Okay so by now you already know The Top 10 ways to beat the Casino and you're ready to let 'em have it ... but first let's master a couple of additional basics ...

Craps TableDid you know that the game of craps originated in France? If the first toss of the dice resulted in a 7 or 11 (a natural) - you won, but a lost if a 2,3 or 12 (craps) was rolled. If any other number came up, that number (the point) must be repeated before a 7 shows up. Note how the 7 changes from a natural win on the first roll to a loser on all subsequent rolls.

In a casino, the player with the dice throws the first roll - the"come out roll". If the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 on the first roll, the house loses and anyone with money on the "pass line" wins. If the player rolls craps, the house wins and players with money on the pass line lose. The player continues to shoot any number apart from a 7 or 11. After a point (more...)

Tomorrow is 07-07-07 : Lucky 7 day.

Tomorrow's date is 07-07-07 and this means casinos are going to be jam packed. Although we haven't started our posts proper on the winnable casino games (poker, craps & blackjack), here are a few tips to prevent you from being plucked like a spring chicken.

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Caribbean Stud: You can never become the favorite at this game, 'nuff said. House edge is up to 5.3%. Pass! 

Roulette: This is as close to a slot machine as table games get. House Edge is 5.26%. Pass!

Slots: Why even bother? The house has a monster advantage here, up to 20% Pass! (more...)

My Basic Blackjack Strategy is Golden. How is Yours?

Around here, we play to win - and when it comes to casinos there's really only 3 games that are worth playing. Those games are blackjack, live poker & craps. But in order to be able to beat the house, you have to MASTER the basic strategy for each game.Blackjack is a lot like math. You need to learn it like you know your multiplication tables. Remember those? 2 times 2 is 4, 2 times 3 is 6, 2 times ....Blackjack Buddy Gold from Nickel Buddy LLC is a full featured game for blackberry devices that is guaranteed to teach and allow you to master basic strategy, anywhere anytime. On your train ride home. Waiting in line at the grocery store. During that staff meeting where you're talking about what you talked about last week and you'll talk about next week.

The Top 10 ways to beat Casinos at their own game

Anyone who's ever set foot in a casino wants to win, regardless of the game. Most people go to casino's with the intention of winning - but the reality is that by the end of the night you'll be leaving with much lighter pockets and purses.

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Casino games are mathematically stacked against you, which means that in the long run the house always wins. Well almost always - here's how to even the score.

  1. 1. Never gamble with money that you can't afford to lose. Leave the mortgage, car payments, grocery money etc at home. Too many people gamble with money they cannot afford to lose - and remember how I said the house always wins?
  2. 2. Focus only on the beatable casino games - of which there are actually only 2, blackjack and poker. Craps comes a close third. Don't even think about going anywhere the one armed-bandits (slot machines).
  3. Learn basic strategy for the games mentioned above before you get to the Casino. You can win at blackjack because (more...)