Roosh V on 7 things a Guy can do to Improve his game RIGHT NOW

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Here's the thing, this is primarily a cocktail blog - if you're a regular reader at some point you will probably find yourself in a bar. What do you do when the girl of your dreams walks in? Do you suddenly get all Beta (boo!) or handle the situation like an Alpha(yay!)?

Roosh V has dropped another classic excerpt from his debut novel Bang (I still have my autographed copy - whassamater, you don't like freebies? I will re-package it as part of other goodies to be given away at a later date) on the 7 things a Guy can do to Improve his game right now.

The first three things he touched on:

  1. Stop Leaning In
  2. Stop asking for Permission
  3. Memorize one excellent, breezy story

See these and the rest of the list in detail at his site here. Above all remember this, Leaning In is Creepy. Stop it already.