Tomorrow is 07-07-07 : Lucky 7 day.

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Tomorrow's date is 07-07-07 and this means casinos are going to be jam packed. Although we haven't started our posts proper on the winnable casino games (poker, craps & blackjack), here are a few tips to prevent you from being plucked like a spring chicken.

EurobetPoker: the largest poker room on the net

Caribbean Stud: You can never become the favorite at this game, 'nuff said. House edge is up to 5.3%. Pass! 

Roulette: This is as close to a slot machine as table games get. House Edge is 5.26%. Pass!

Slots: Why even bother? The house has a monster advantage here, up to 20% Pass!

Keno: Run fast and far in the opposite direction. The house edge here is a whopping 25% minimum to 40%! Pass!

Craps: This is hands down going to be the most exciting game in the casino. Here's how to keep it that way - bet the pass line, take FULL ODDS and get the "come". Rinse, lather and repeat. Don't know how? Ask the stickman - aside from taking your money, they're there to help. Don't bother about side bets, and please stay away from the field. Some field bets carry a house advantage more than 10%. Playing the way we suggested, by taking full odds on your pass line bet trims the house advantage to around 0.5%. Play!

Blackjack: Unless you've mastered basic strategy, don't even bother. Please proceed to the craps table. A good player with solid basic strategy can bring the house advantage to around 0%!

Poker: Like blackjack, this is a game of skill. You can't get that good in 24 hours. Please proceed to the craps table! There is no house edge here because you're playing against other players like yourself.

Till next time, remember - once a lollipop, twice a sucker.

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