The Top 10 ways to beat Casinos at their own game

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Anyone who's ever set foot in a casino wants to win, regardless of the game. Most people go to casino's with the intention of winning - but the reality is that by the end of the night you'll be leaving with much lighter pockets and purses.

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Casino games are mathematically stacked against you, which means that in the long run the house always wins. Well almost always - here's how to even the score.

  1. 1. Never gamble with money that you can't afford to lose. Leave the mortgage, car payments, grocery money etc at home. Too many people gamble with money they cannot afford to lose - and remember how I said the house always wins?
  2. 2. Focus only on the beatable casino games - of which there are actually only 2, blackjack and poker. Craps comes a close third. Don't even think about going anywhere the one armed-bandits (slot machines).
  3. Learn basic strategy for the games mentioned above before you get to the Casino. You can win at blackjack because a player using basic strategy will just about break even with the casino, at a 0.46% disadvantage. In poker you're playing against other opponents and not the house - so this is where your skill will determine how much of the other person's money will be leaving with you at the end of the night. In craps, you can cut down the house edge to 0 - 1.4%. These are the games we will focus on here at in terms of winning strategies, techniques etc.
  4. Find out which Casinos offer the best odds and payouts before you get to your gambling destination.
  5. Make sure you are well rested before you get to the Casino.
  6. Get to the Casino early. Most casinos raise their table limits, or the minimum amount of money you can bet with after a certain time, usually after 9pm or so.
  7. Get a comp card, or join the casino's players club. Almost all casinos offer them, and after playing a few hours you may become eligible for free rooms, complimentary meals, gifts etc. The comp cards give the casino a way to keep track of your playing habits. You might want to change a large amount of money into chips in order to gain the attention of the pit boss - but don't spend them all. At the end of the night you can change your chips back to cash.
  8. Don't drink. Casinos often offer free drinks to players during game play, hmmmm I wonder why? You need a clear head here to stick to or improve on that basic strategy. Save the drinking for after you win some money. Plus the drinks are usually weak anyway.
  9. Play with house money as soon as you can. By this, we mean that once you've doubled what you came to the casino with, put away your money and use the casino's money to play for the rest of the night. This way you'll always go home a winner, no matter what.
  10. Leave the table when you're supposed to. You need to know when to walk away, or else all your "hard" earned money will soon evaporate right before your eyes and you'll go home a loser.

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I do agree with some of the information or advice offered however the challenge or the fun comes when you are actually loosing money. There are people out there who dont really have a problem taking a lost when they are at the casino. My advice to anybody out there is to put aside what I like to call playing money so when you lose it you dont really feel it.

why gamble..if you work hard to earn it..just splurge it on car,good food, charity and save it for rainy day. avoid calling your mother 25 yrs from now to fix your 2007 Altima.

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