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Christiania Vodka – the World’s Smoothest Vodka? Not!

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Christiania Vodka Christiania Vodka's trademark is "The World's Smoothest Vodka". We had a chance to review a bottle of the spirit and we came to the conclusion that Christiania Vodka is anything but the world's smoothest vodka. Actually we found it quite nasty.

There are a number of better vodka's which we have had the opportunity to review here and consider quite superior to Christiania Vodka - Trump Vodka, Zyr Vodka, heck even bargain priced Sobieski Vodka is waaaay better than Christiania.

Christiania Vodka has a great story, and a slick marketing campaign - but all that does not make a great vodka. We found Christiania Vodka a bit too strong and harsh, especially for a six time distilled potato based spirit. Potato based vodka's are supposed to be the smoothest of the smooth, and if you ever have the opportunity compare Christiania Vodka to another potato based spirit - Trump Vodka.

In my opinion, Christiania Vodka represents everything I dislike about vodka - an average product trying to brainwash consumers with a slick marketing campaign. This review might be a bit harsh but this is my personal opinion. There are some who seem to like Christiania Vodka - but I'll let you be the judge. In the meantime somebody please pass me a bottle of Zyr Vodka ....