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My Basic Blackjack Strategy is Golden. How is Yours?

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Around here, we play to win - and when it comes to casinos there's really only 3 games that are worth playing. Those games are blackjack, live poker & craps. But in order to be able to beat the house, you have to MASTER the basic strategy for each game.Blackjack is a lot like math. You need to learn it like you know your multiplication tables. Remember those? 2 times 2 is 4, 2 times 3 is 6, 2 times ....Blackjack Buddy Gold from Nickel Buddy LLC is a full featured game for blackberry devices that is guaranteed to teach and allow you to master basic strategy, anywhere anytime. On your train ride home. Waiting in line at the grocery store. During that staff meeting where you're talking about what you talked about last week and you'll talk about next week.

Cocktail Basics – Building a home bar – part 2 of 3 – Glassware

Buy the best quality you can afford, and always wash glassware by hand to prevent chips and cloudy build-ups. Stick to the sizes shown so that your drinks look right in the appropriate glassware. Bottoms up!

1. Martini glass: 4 - 6 oz

2. Old fashioned / rock glass: 8 - 10 oz


Iphone Killers. Not. – Review of LG Prada KE850, Nokia N95 and Apple Iphone

Apple is at it again. June 29th will mark the launch of the Apple Iphone, probably the most anticipated phone launch in the wireless industry. To wit, there's been a race from other manufacturers to launch their own "Iphone Killers", the two most popular models being the LG Prada and Nokia N95. If the gargantuan success of the Ipod is anything to go by, nobody stands a chance against the Iphone.The LG Prada KE850LG Prada

LG + Prada = Sexy. The LG Prada's beauty is in it's minimalist design. It's a sleek, Tri-band 3" LCD touch screen phone, with a stunning 320 x 480 resolution, in addition to a 2 MP camera.

When the phone is not in use, the glowing icons on the screen disappear to reveal a pure black, un-aldulterated black exterior. The phone is ultra-thin (12mm) but throws in a micro-SD slot, an mp3 player, bluetooth and an additonal external memory slot to increase memory capacity.

Prada's involvement in the design extends beyond the phone itself and is apparent in the exclusive leather case design, mobile phone accessories and pre-loaded content.

The LG Prada retails for around $700 - $750. Expensive? Yes. Sexy doesn't come cheap.

Get yours here.


Blogging with The Liquid Muse

The Liquid Muse is more than just a cocktail blog. The site is run by Natalie Bovis-Nelsen, a cocktail, restaurant and nightlife expert. Widely quoted by various media outlets such as the Washington Post, USA Today, Washingtonian and Marie Claire - Natalie is an entertainment lifestyle expert who definitely knows her way around a shaker. Hey Natalie, next time you get invited to create custom cocktails at the Playboy mansion, can we tag along as your barbacks?

Cocktail Basics – Building a home bar – part 1 of 3 – The Utensils

Setting up a home bar is all about having the right equipment and ingredients. In the first part of this series, we'll cover the essential utensils you'll need. Part 2 will cover glassware and Part 3 will cover liquor.

Stock up on these essentials and don't cut corners on quality.Boston Shaker You'll soon be the toast of your town, or city, or suburb...

  • A Boston Shaker. This is the professional version that most bars use. 2 pieces, a pint-size mixing glass and a stainless steel shaker cup. We prefer this type over the more common 3 piece stainless steel types because the clear glass in the Boston Shaker allows you to see what you're mixing and let's you know if your proportions are right. We like the Rosle Boston Shaker. Get it here.
  • A Hawthorn Strainer. Hawthorn StrainerA basic strainer shaped like a spoon with a spring edge. The Hawhorn Strainer ensures that you don't get any bits of ice in your drinks. Fits over any size glass. Always strain your drinks from the mixing tin. This way if you're off on your measurements, nobody else will be the wiser. Get one here as part of this bar set. (more...)

5 Classic Cocktails you should be drinking now – The Mint Julep – 5 of 5

You've had a Sidecar, a Between the Sheets, a Tom Collins and a Red Lion. That brings us to the last cocktail in this series, the Mint Julep.

The Julep dates back to ancient times, the Arabs called it "julab", the Portugese, "julepe", Latin's, "julapium". "Julep" is actually a French term. As varied as the names are, so are the recipes, origins (Georgia? Virginia lays claim though Kentucky takes credit for it's popularity. It's the official drink of the Kentucky Derby) and the methods for making one. One thing all Mint Julep share in common no matter how it's made, is it's thirst quenching ability.

Mint Julep cocktailHere's how to make your own. (more...)